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Full Chemical Name: JWH-018
Systematic IUPAC Name Naphthalen-1-yl-(1-pentylindol-3-yl)methanone
CAS Number 209414-07-3
ChemSpider Number 8558143
Molecular Formula C24H23NO
Molecular Mass 341.45 g/mol



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Buy jwh 018 online. JWH 018 is a mildly selective agonist of the peripheral cannabinoid (CB2) receptor, derived from the aminoalkylindole WIN 55,212-2. The Ki values for binding central cannabinoid (CB1) and CB2 receptors are 9.0 and 2.94 nM, respectively, for a CB1:CB2 ratio of 3.06.1 Its effects on suppression of spontaneous activity, maximum possible antinociceptive effect in the tail-flick assay, and rectal temperature are comparable to those of WIN 55,212-2 when tested in rats.

It is a research chemical that belongs to the naphthoylindole family. JWH-081 as all the other research chemicals in the JWH group is a synthetic cannabinoid with analgesic effects.Its full chemical name is 4-methoxynaphthalen- 1-yl- (1-pentylindol- 3-yl)methanone with chemical formula as C25H25NO2 and molecular mass 371.47 g/mol. Buy jwh 018 online

Buy jwh 018 online

More so, JWH-018 is a synthetic cannabinoid found in several versions of the herbal mixture “Spice.” Illicit use of this Spice cannabinoid centers on its psychoactive effects which mimic those of Δ9-THC in cannabis.

While considerably more potent than similar amounts of cannabis, JWH-018 also presents significant challenges for detection by typical Δ9-THC testing assays. Buy jwh 018 online

In July, 2009, the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) listed JWH-018 on its Drugs and Chemicals of Concern list. In addition to reported seizures of Spice in Ohio and Florida, several states have passed legislative action restricting the sale or possession of JWH-018 including Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, North Dakota, and Tennessee.

Buy jwh 018 online

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Cannabinoid receptor full agonists may present serious dangers to the user when used to excess. Various physical and psychological adverse effects have reported from JWH-018 use. Buy jwh-018 online one study reported psychotic relapses and anxiety symptoms in well-treated patients with mental illness following JWH-018 inhalation. Buy jwh 018 online
Due to concerns about the potential of JWH-018 and other synthetic cannabinoids to cause psychosis in vulnerable individuals. It has recommended that people with risk factors for psychotic illnesses (like a past or family history of psychosis) not use these substances.
JWH-018 usage  readily detected in urine using “spice” screening immunoassays from several manufacturers. Focused on both the parent drug and its omega-hydroxy and carboxyl metabolites.

Buy jwh 018 online. JWH-018 will not detected by older methods employed for detecting THC and other cannabis terpenoids. Determination of the parent drug in serum or its metabolites in urine has  accomplished by GC-MS or LC-MS.

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